Thamina StollI’m a big dreamer, still trying to figure out what life has in store for me how I can have an actual impact in this world. Meanwhile, I’m gaining a lot of experience in entrepreneurship, social media, online communication, digital strategizing, journalism, and broadcasting. I am very fortunate to be receiving a world-class education at Duke University where I am surrounded by highly inspiring and talented people who are constantly challenging me to become the best version of me that I can possibly be. I love to expand my horizon and to push the envelope every single day. Among many other things, especially my obsession with sports is what keeps me going. I was fortunate enough to be in Indianapolis for the Championship Game in 2015 and watch Duke defeat Wisconsin.

I started my college career at Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich in Germany and came to Duke as a Visiting International Student in August 2014 for a study abroad year – at least that’s what I thought. However, with every day that passed I started to realize that Duke had become my home and that I didn’t want to leave, so I ended up applying for transfer admission and got accepted despite an incredibly low acceptance rate of below 5%. And now that I’m back for good, I have declared it my mission fully embrace this experience and I want to submerge myself in the gravity of countless opportunities college has to offer.

I’m a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Scholar, majoring in Political Science. I’m also pursuing the Innovation & Entrepreneurship as well as the Policy Journalism & Media Studies Certificate. As a Social Media Intern at Duke Athletics, I’m combining my interests for sports and new media by doing live-coverage of various NCAA games across all varsity sports. This past semester I also started working for Duke’s Office of News and Communications where I’m producing digital materials, reporting about university events and activities and executing social media campaigns. Before I was recently appointed Parents & Alumnae Relations Chair, I also served as my sorority’s Social Media Chair. As a Transfer Advisory Counselor, I help incoming transfer and visiting international students to adjust to a new academic and social life at Duke.

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